Getting Connected

Getting connected means registering on this website to both give and receive help through camaraderie.

A few quick points:

  • We are veteran run.
  • We never sell or misuse your information.
  • We accept veterans as well as family and friends of veterans.
  • We do NOT require verification of veteran status to be a member.
  • We are building a new kind of community that is NOT limited to those who are online.
  • How you use this site is up to you!

We plan to develop a Facebook-like website that will connect veterans with other veterans and resources from both the veteran and civilian community.

As the membership grows a veteran should be able to find a fellow veteran in their local area. Someone who is a real friend in the real world.

Why include civilians? Most veterans have family and friends. We are all one team. We are also collectively better than we are individually.

Once you are registered your information will go into our database. We know you have security concerns so please understand we are not sharing your information with anyone.

If you are going to share your phone number with a member, we highly recommend getting a free Google Voice phone number that can be forwarded to your phone of choice.